The Science of Medicines … From FutureLearn


Learn the science behind how and why medicines work, and what can improve the patient treatment experience.

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Major health issues face the world’s growing population and medicines are a primary pillar to effect better health. Learn about the science of key medicines used to manage heart disease, depression, diabetes, pain control and smoking cessation.Week by week you will study a new medicine and health area, starting by looking through the eyes of an affected patient. You will learn the mechanics of a disease and how it affects the world’s population. You will then delve into the science of the medicine to explore the medicine’s chemistry, how it works in the body and why it is formulated in a certain way to become the medicine you see on the pharmacy shelf.This course is designed by a team of experts who focus on improving education delivery to pharmacy students at Monash University, Australia. As pharmacists and scientists they bridge the science–practice interface. The course will be particularly relevant for those who care for people affected by the conditions covered, as it will bring practical patient tips drawn from the understanding of the science.

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