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Learn the basics of project management, including what a project is and how to manage one effectively.

What will I learn?

  • What a project is, and how you can manage it, including:
    • An overview of popular Project Management methodologies and standards
    • The project life cycle: Concept, Develop, Execute and Finish
    • Nine areas every project manager should know
    • The main constraints projects often encounter
    • The benefits of Project Management
  • What is involved in the concept phase, including:
    • Key project roles, like the project manager, team and stakeholder
    • Setting and justifying your goals
  • What is involved in the development phase, including:
    • The project management plan
    • Planning for change
  • How to monitor and control the execution of a project, including:
    • Quality auditing and continuous improvement
    • Getting handover right and how to use the lessons learned

This course requires approximately 2 – 4 hours of study per week, but can vary depending on the student. This includes watching videos, and taking quizzes and assessments. The total video time for this course is approximately 4 hours 5 minutes.

If you pass this course you’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement. While this certificate isn’t a formal qualification or credit, you can use it to demonstrate your interest in learning about this area to potential employers or educational institutions.

Where to from here?

If you love this course, why not take your studies further? Here are some accredited qualifications that could help you achieve your goals.


Where could this lead me?

If you’re wondering what your future could look like in this area, here are some potential careers you could head towards.

  • Project manager
  • Project office manager
  • Project or Program administrator
  • Construction manager
  • Corporate service manager
  • Program director
  • Senior project manager
  • Project coordinator
  • Project support officer
  • Project team member

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