Learn ASP.NET From Scratch … From Udemy

ASP.NET is the flagship technology from Microsoft to build enterprise scale web applications and services. It is widely used in the Industry and powers about 20% of all the known dynamic server pages. We bring together a comprehensive course which covers the latest version of this technology and teaches you the nuances of this powerful tool to help you create robust, extensible and reliable web applications.

You will start with basic ASP.NET concepts and will learn the new concepts that are now part of the latest version of ASP.NET. You will go through the basic syntax and directives and will create the first program in the first section itself.

The second unit will teach you about dynamic pages and controls. The next unit is all about data handling. Site navigation and Ajax are covered in the next two sections. Webpages forms the core of the next unit and you will be an expert server side coder in ASP.NET by now. You will further learn about MVC and its use in ASP.NET. The last unit is about revising all the concepts in a form of a web project. The project is an essential part of this course.

We are sure you will be able to successfully create many new web systems using ASP.NET after this course. So lets get started.

    • Access to internet and a basic understanding of Web programming
    • Over 34 lectures and 6 hours of content!
    • To learn about the basic syntax of ASP.NET
    • To master the core concepts of ASP.NET technology
    • To create web applications using ASP.NET
    • To learn about data handling, management and control using ASP.NET
    • To be a complete ASP.NET developer
    • Anyone with interest in web programming with Microsoft technologies.

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