Know The Hebrew Alphabet … From Udemy

كورس تعليم أبجدية اللغة العبرية , لغة شرح الكورس بالإنجليزية , الكورس مقسم إلى 13 درس ومدته نصف ساعة . 

Know the Hebrew “Alef Bet” – א ב, There is no need for any innitial knowledge before taking this short course! 

Hello dear Hebrew enthusiast!

First of all:

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Secondly we would like to introduce ourselves:

1) Guy Ben-Moshe – Hebrew instructor for the last decade, live in Israel and teach Hebrew to newcomers, IDF volunteers (non profit), 5-7 years old israelis, newcomers families children. Visited New Zealand and China with short stops to teach Hebrew.

2) Itzik Pinhasov – Hebrew instructor for the last decade, for about 7 years teach 5-7 years old children, volunteerly teaches newcomers families in central Israel, and also teach Hebrew to IDF volunteers around the world.

About the course:

This short course is an introduction to our full “Hebrew For Beginners”course, here you will learn about the Hebrew Alphabet, and how to recognize and pronounce the letters (basic pronounciation without vowel signs). This is a very short and straight forward course so stay sharp and focused, good luck!


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