iOS Programming – The Basics … from Udemy

This iOS course is aimed to provide a through and clear understanding of the iOS programming. We start with basic Hello world for iOS and cover the most important topics which will provide you a firm base to build your iOS Apps. This lecture uses the latest IOS SDK and uses an example based approach to teaching. We have kept the learning curve simple and focus is on conceptual learning rather than just teaching how to use a particular API. After completing the course you will understand the principle behind the API patterns and why a particular control behaves the way it does. We will cover topics like

Objective C Concepts

Controls and Templates in iOS

Xcode interface

Views and View Controllers

Target Action and Controls in iOS


Navigation Controllers

Categories and Extensions

    • Mac computer running Lion and above
    • Over 36 lectures and 6 hours of content!
    • To understand the basic concepts used in iOS Programming
    • To learn objective C features
    • To learn the use of views and view controllers
    • To get a tour of the design patterns used in iOS Programming
    • Anyone with basic programming knowledge

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