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الكورس الخاص بـشهادة خبير شبكات سيسكو المعتمد , الكورس مقدم من مواقع “” الكورس مدته 4 ساعات ومقسم إلى 19 محاضرة , لغة شرح الكورس هي الإنجليزية .

 Over 90% of people who embark towards the Cisco CCNA qualification quit.

Most quit because they become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of subjects they need to master and how much time to dedicate to each one. After helping well over 4000 students with my classroom and online courses I finally discovered the missing piece of the study jigsaw.

Cisco CCNA in 60 days tells you what to study every day. It includes exams, revision time and lots of hands on lab time and in this free taster you can try out this revolutionary study method for yourself.

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